We provide a wide range or Network Data Cabling Services: Complete Network Wiring for Home or Business, Additional Network Wiring, Network Wiring Testing and Repair.

Complete Network Wiring for Home or Business

We provide complete Network Wiring for Home or Business. A complete network wiring includes running network cable from your modem/router to the room/office that requires a new connection (Drop). This services includes will require that the network cable run through your homes via wall or the ceiling. Network cable, plate cover and network wall jacks are included in the complete network wiring services.

Additional Network Wiring 

If you have existing wired network and need to add additional computers to your network you will need additional network drops. Our technicians can add additional network drops to your existing network. Service also includes, plate covers and network jacks for the additional network drop.

Network Testing and Repair. 

Network wiring sometimes fail or become destroyed overtime. Our technicians can test your existing network wiring and if required can also repair the network cable. Although sometimes it is possible to repair a network cable it may also require replacement.